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Once IntegraFin is listed, can I hold my IntegraFin shares in my Transact Portfolio?

Yes you can, subject to Transact’s normal procedure for adding assets to the platform. When IntegraFin’s shares are admitted to the London Stock Exchange you will be issued with a share certificate for your holdings by Equiniti, IntegraFin’s registrar. You will need to send this certificate to Transact along with a completed CREST Transfer form and Instruction – Asset Transfer form T010 (links below). Once Transact receive and process your form and certificate, your Client Services team will pass them to Equiniti who will transfer the legal ownership to Transact Nominees Limited who in turn will record them in your General Investment Account for your benefit.

Please note: we cannot add assets to the platform without the share certificate. In most cases, re-registration takes about 5 working days from when Transact receives your form and certificate, but in some circumstances it can take longer (e.g. if the form details do not match the certificate).

Can I transfer the shares directly into my Transact Pension or ISA?

No, shares can only be transferred into the General Investment Account. From there you can effect a “Bed & Pension” or a “Bed & ISA” but the shares cannot be deposited directly into the pension or ISA wrapper.